Friday, April 01, 2011

if these were a china pattern i'd call it "garbage day fiesta"

i'm not the type of girl to have a china pattern, but apparently i am now a collector of old lady lotto wreaths. (i'm sure these are set to inspire a book character) i came across the one on the right a while back and thought it was one of a kind. when i came across the even brighter one today i tried not to jump up and down -- thankfully i was with the middlest who saw the cool factor with me(totally different town and thrift store) you know i will be checking out alternative craft markets (source anyone?) for more ;)

to celebrate the return of the kids to their places of learning next week, we hit some kid-friendly stops today and i have a night out with a girlfriend and a D&M date on the calendar for the weekend.

for all my talk, i'm sure i will miss them on monday. ok, maybe not monday -- you know how i like my mondays, but tuesday for sure ;)

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