Thursday, March 24, 2011

what's a little strategy among friends?

i love working from home, but i miss my 9-5 girlfriends when they're at work. (of my girlfriends a healthy proportion are relatives so either means my family rocks or i'm a little weird; -- my sisters, my cousins, d's cousins -- the combination of girlfriend and relative makes for a lot of shared experience and feel like bonus sisters) so it will not surprise you when i tell you that one of my BFs -- my teacher sister is nearly done her spring break and i am already missing the little holiday we have had -- jaunting about in the middle of the day, hitting the gym during workhours, and meeting up for coffee and when we don't feel like making the effort -- just talking on the phone. will have to make her a sappy card to commemorate.

speaking of sisters, my splurge ones were the usual laugh so hard your cheeks hurt special last night. nothing like going home to your regular drives you crazy sometimes life after dishing about it with girlfriends who understand.

the sun keeps shining all cooperatively which i love and the boys new ♥ of the martial arts is making us all happy campers. except for little c who keeps pointing out the shrimp ring has not yet been produced. he's making such a big deal of it i think i may have to tablecloth up the table for the presentation ;)
writing today will be on the down low. i can barely type emails without fellow house members being in my face ;) but if i am wandering the house with a notepad no one's interested in me. crazy how that works.

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