Wednesday, March 16, 2011

whatever it takes

little c doesn't always love his glasses (as indicated by the notes he leaves around for me to find) but even he missed them when they went missing for weeks. i suspected they may have been removed for a wrestling match a la freres and then misplaced. so he did without and then wore his old pair (with the one bottle glass lens for a while) in desperation, when scouring the house didn't work and before panicking and running out to get a new pair, i promised whichever son found them would receive an economy sized bag of chips of his choosing without the need to share. it took another week, but little c found them a couple hours past his bedtime on a school night. you know i was so excited i made good on my promise immediately and took him straight to 7-11 ;)

to do's and thrifty chick shop stocking almost taken care of. the stories of the day are on stand-by. will try not to get too sidetracked e-window shopping. (it's hard when there is stuff like this to look at ;)
if you want something wonderful to read make it this

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  1. super cute ring!

    just picked up new glasses for B on the weekend; the bendy kind. now he spends all day seeing how far he can bend them. thankfully this pair comes with a two year warranty


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