Tuesday, March 29, 2011


who knew a girl with tomato in her name would be instrumental in getting the novel worked on over the kids' spring break? ;) yesterday, the mailwoman delivered the cutest package including a handmade notebook (and a party banner which is on my kitchen bulletin board and an owl keychain little c claimed for his summer birthday so it's lying in wait in the gift stash) which is already holding a few scenes. so much more fun than writing story on receipts lying around. so you know i'm grateful to her because my old house has been distracting me. (i added some tourquoise to my living room and started painting the bottom half of my kitchen cupboards grey for that unfitted look i adore)

i'll be switch-hitting between paintbrush and pen today. wish me luck

easiest tapanade recipe i made and jarred yesterday: 1 can black pitted olives, garlic & herbs pressed, 1 tbsp canned kale chopped with blender and stirred in with oil and served with rice crackers


  1. I love the blue china cabinet! I totally want to paint my lower cabinets dark and the uppers white but I suppose I will live with them as is for a while as I have other projects to tackle first. Gonna miss you at spring soccer :(

  2. the torquoise is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! Great job, Michelle.

    The notebook just looks fun! Happy writing.

    And happy painting too. :)

  3. love the turquoise! Enjoy your writing.


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