Thursday, March 31, 2011

my family will understand when we sit down to easter dinner on a bare wood table

spring break afternoon -- mid week of running the boys to hang out with their friends here and there and hosting kids myself i took a stretch of day for myself. it wasn't the 20 min nap (i read somewhere that sleep cycles are 20 minutes long so will only take them in timed 20 min intervals) they might still upset circadian rhythms as evidenced by my posting this tutorial in the middle of the night ;) but they make a girl feel rested (plus block out spring break brother on brother madness) but it came right after it.

i've been wanting to continue the sewing a dress for the next occasion, whatever it might be saga -- this time in 2011 spring trend cream lace so you know when my grandma was throwing away her lace tablecloths i saw them as more than table finery (plus i'm a plain jane linen for the table girl) so i started in on the dress. (which is waiting for more fabric store supplies so will likely get finished next week as i can't picture the boys volunteering to hit fabricland this week or myself volunteering to take them -- they might craft it up from time to time, but also are apt to choke hold one another next to sewing notion stands ;)

it was all pinned up and then i realized i still had some great cream lace remnants laying around so you know i thought how about a shirt? pulled out a stretchy nude cami and handstitched away.

easy peasy how to:

1. pin a layer to the top seam, folding to cover raw edges and letting the machine finished seam hang down, sew

2. do the same thing on the bottom edge of the cami

3. try on

4. strategically layer the remaining lace somewhere in your midsection for whatever layered look you are going for (i settled on tying rosettes to the one strap, letting it drape on a diagonal and then securing with stitching to the bottom hem)

5. know there is no wrong way to do it -- it's your one of a kind shirt

still working through the stack of books i scored at the friends of the library sale last week --clever of them to call it that --it did make me want to be their friend -- 12 books (not all for me -- i shared with d and the boys) for $3

& adding notes and found scrap paper scenes to my lovely notebook. the sewing was a fun distraction, but the words will be where i will be focusing my attention for the rest of the week(when i am not sorting out my taxes -- the only time of year it is annoying to be self employed in multiple ventures ;)

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  1. I love your new whipped-together shirt. Thriftiness and style meshed perfectly together.


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