Thursday, March 10, 2011

maps of places we know well

i am manically redoing furniture and rooms
i think it is nesting for spring's arrival
this year i plan to have a bigger garden
and throw some more summer dinner parties
before then i plan to make some necklaces i refuse to pay full price for
(tutorial to come)
and write some more novel.

it sounds optimistic to me because i'm tired and it's only 9:45
(altho it could be d's penchant for coming home and cranking the heat until i'm nearly passed out from heat exhaustion ;)

before i head off to read through my bedtime stack of magazines.
i thought i'd share little c's maps.

his teacher told his class to think of any kind of map for homework
he thought up this "map of my hart" (in which my favorite are separate mentions of God and God's sun ;)
then he realized other kids were doing geographical places and realized how uncool it was
so he did up this map of the backyard (map may or may not be actual size of backyard ;) (in which my favorite is mention of the "nabers")
good thing -- because now i get to keep the sappy one.
(in sappy news middlest has taken to typing up original poems -- you know i'm giving him better than average snacks to ensure i keep getting them ;)

i'll take the sap while i can still get it -- middleschooler's version of hanging out includes things like today's mockingly speed walking beside me while i jog. (he might be unwittingly sacrificing snack quality ;)

i'd tell you how long until morning writing time, but then i'd be inviting 8 hrs of sleep a night lectures. and you know how i like to keep coffee companies in business.


  1. your kids are the most creative ever.. I wonder where they get that. That map of my hart is a keeper!!

  2. i agree - map of my hart is proof that your child is a divergent thinker, of which the world is in desperate need. and the backyard with "nabers" is pretty cool too -my sister used to call them "navers".


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