Wednesday, March 09, 2011

listmakers we all

you know i'm still list-making (i typically have three on the go: 2011's happenings, daily to do, and a spending tracker where i write down our household expenditures as they happen, rounded to the nearest quarter -- daily worth and gail both recommended it and it is an eye opener)
and i'm not the only one. as i've been furtively planning to keep the kids busy for their two weeks of spring break, little c has been doing the same. love his phonetically spelled list that gets me off the hook with little more than a shrimp ring and a trip to dollar giant. (and to think i was foolishly looking up cool museums ;)
today is a to do list, coffee swilling, treadmill hopping, word popping out wednesday. and i'm meeting up with my soccer girls tonight so you know i'm excited about that.

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  1. I am always amazed at what the kids have in mind...simple is usually best:) I hope you have a nice break and the sun will continue to shine. To answer your question with regards to the self-tanner...I will be using the myriad of leftover tubes I have hanging around from the last couple of years!


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