Friday, March 04, 2011

the good, the bad, and the better

one of my girlfriends gave me this card on sunday.
you know i love it so much i make other girlfriends read it.
and am seriously thinking about photocopying the front
and mass distributing it to them.
love how it sums up real share your life friendship
the only kind i feel holds appeals to me as i move closer to 34.
(i wish the number was bigger so i could impress you with it ;) growing up i always laughed at my dad because he would regularly add 5 years onto his age to round it up to something even and weighty {because who do you know who does that? so weird ;) }, but then when i find myself addicted to reading more magazine, i realize it do it too. which you know made me laugh)

yesterday was a good writing output day (read: lots of scraps of paper lying about) and i got together with my friend jen (which you know means we had equal piles of reading for each other) so on the word front my weekend is looking pretty full.

happy friday to you


  1. Love the card Michelle! Kinda says it perfectly.

  2. Still waiting for my copy of the card.... :D

  3. how sweet! makes me miss my bestie :(


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