Monday, March 07, 2011

DIY en famille

good thing he didn't punch through the barcode. once you've seen his self conceptualized lanyard you know little c likes the library. we are not the sort of family that doesn't rack up any fines so usually it is cheaper to just buy our books outright. but when the local library came up with a new year's program in which kids could read off their library fines, little c went to work. with his 0 balance card, the library is his new favorite destination (i give myself mommy back pats for the puppet show i have to sit through every visit in the children's section ;)
there's some sun for the second day in answer to my severe craving for it. and a to do list a mile long. i want to take time out and make a book like angelina la dawn tomato's to house it, but i should get some actual work done first. in novel news: the title has changed mid car drive the other day and the scenes are continuing to oblige me by making it to paper.

it's monday so you know i'll be alright.

bottom pic: i'm loving the self made pokemonesque trading cards that kept the biggers busy last night.

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