Thursday, February 17, 2011

you guessed it -- another dress tutorial

the valentine's dinner dress

easy peasy this one
makes a no waste, size 10 petite dress from 1 metre fabric. adjust for sizing accordingly
click on the tutorial pics to enlarge them

steps for the interested:

1.fold material in half over wide measured elastic which you knot above bust to form top of dress straight stitch below elastic to create pocket for it
3.leave bottom of dress unfinished if working in taffeta, or hem, your choice
4.turn inside out and pin up the side,
5.cut up on a diagonal in the inner layer (when turned to outside, outer) to allow actual walking ;)
6.arrange triangle fabric (attached by one corner) into a ruffle on one hip, sew into place
7.ruche & dart on bodice & take in material on lower back
hand stitching means you can keep tucking and stitching til it is a comfortable fit
8.wear not take pics with the man you are married to who always make you laugh hysterically.
you will have fun, but walk away from the evening without a single frameable pic of the two of you.

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  1. you make things like I make things...only much better:) awesome.


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