Sunday, February 06, 2011

love. it's meant to be shared

mr B better have his valentine's day game going on because little c has his valentine's day strategy all worked out ;) he found some stuff he wanted to buy for his much loved teacher mrs B and was more than a little discouraged to hear $150 was not in the budget for his planned expenditures. so he made her a card instead. i get his excitement. i am so pysched for the ♥ day celebrating myself. (and you know i love my oversized poster card from little c even if he made it with my favorite red nailpolish ;) such holidays are the cherries on top of life.

on a more serious note, not all of life is fun and games. and even a child a bit older than little c gets that.

tonight i watched CNN's selling the girl next door with my older boys (13 and 10) about how many runaways land up being trafficked. a 13 year old girl was on and was talking about being with multiple men a day and she looked like such a baby still, round cheeks and ringlets and all. it made me angry. and my 13 year old was so shocked & sad that she was talking about it so detached like it was just a fact of life and not a big deal. i explained to him that it was a fact in her life and that sort of thing would necessitate one to stop feeling to survive it and he got that. i think every time we make one more person aware we help to turn the tide, one of those kids at a time. love this girl's blog (caution: not for the faint of heart) for her perspective on damaged childhood.

my challenge to all my fellow mommies who get excited at the thought of picking up class valentines or baking cupcakes or buying tee shirts to celebrate the holiday to keep your eye out every day for kids who do not have that same fuzzy childhood experience as yours and to bless them in little ways -- ideas that get put on your heart. sometimes we get quick or far away glimpses of such things and even if we feel helpless in distance or number of such hurting kids, we can pray for them when they come to mind.

life is blessed, but even more so when we step outside of our own concerns (both big and small) and see the whole hurting world picture and do something about it. it's what we're supposed to be doing.

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  1. Aw, how cute is that card he made?
    So sad about that 13 year old. :(


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