Tuesday, February 08, 2011

monday is the new saturday night

today's lack of motivation despite coffee and sunshine might have something to do with the fact that it's the tuesday that follows monday (my fave day of the week when d's day off coincides with my own and all the kids are in school -- like a day long date -- plus he feeds me [see pic and note that my love of big plates is exactly why dieters hate them -- they make oversized portions look small ;) ] just read about the trend whereby couples eat separately (as the media is prone to do -- ______ is the new ________ -- if you want to start your own trend just fill in the blanks and put it on your facebook status ;) turns out separate meals is the new separate beds. i knew there was a reason it didn't seem pleasant ;) it becomes necessary the article's quoted said because their husband's leaving treats around for them wrecks their macrobiotic diets etc. i don't know about you -- they sound like a bundle of fun, but i am not putting them in charge of my bedtime snacks.

like i don't have enough writing projects on the go, i've started on another non-fiction. it might never see the light of printing day, but it is entertaining and inspiring me in the meantime.

wrapped gifties for the kids' whirl of birthday parties this weekend and i am reading to fuel up for writing beside a stack of unfolded laundry. i would get more done, but this just came in the mail.


  1. your day long date sounds wonderful. i think i need one of those...in fact i'll take any kind of date right now:)


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