Tuesday, February 15, 2011

let the chocolate clearance begin

after the decrescendo that is the day after valentine's day (the annual occasion of the overinflated expectation ;) you know chocolate everywhere will be on sale. (which is a matter of rejoicing in itself ;) D and my holiday revolves less around something to unwrap and more around romance and good food. so how brilliant that it lined up with our all day date monday. and even better that we have more D & M celebrating next week.

while the corner of the dining room that holds our beach memories is making me crave a longer day. (my FIL was telling me yesterday by what proportion each day gets longer this time of year but i already can't remember the number because i was so busy being distracted by that's not enough! ) i am loving the things that are this time of year -- lovey notes to add to the kitchen inspiration board, little c wrote every member of our family a valentine but forgot his class cards in his back pack -- i'm not sure what the aversion was to handing them out. i warned him that if he did not (as he said he was not going to) that he might not get any himself. he said don't be silly. they give you them anyways. and he was right ;)

my beautiful posies from my secret pal (at church us girls do a secret santa-ish program all year which is a clever motivation for getting out of bed early on sunday mornings when your bed is a tempting alternative to get there so your presents don't die on top of the church mailboxes. ;)

and if you like me failed to make the valentine's cookies you promised your kids yesterday you could whip up some heart shaped jiffy toast goodness this morning and hope they forget until the discount chocolate materializes.
some writing and craft-time on the horizon today. i am surrounded by folded laundry piles which never fail to say good job to me (and thereby aleviate any other housework guilt) you know i'm going to leave them where they lie until something big happens in today's scenes.

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