Wednesday, February 23, 2011

jump drives are the new diamonds

anniversary dinner was wonderful in a cup runneth over with the family i love way (kid friendly decor + 3 loud boys + d&i + dinner delivered by my parents who love on us lots on anniversaries in the way of food) not terribly romantic unless you count d&i rolling our eyes at each other re: the boys' antics. ;) at least we think the same.

romantic to a writer girl though is the fetching of a new jump drive for her novel in progress. d has it covered.

i love how when tidying up the boys' rooms yesterday (i swore i never would because d's mom would get fed up with his mess and do his and so he still is a clothes dropper -- not that i can talk ;) but now that i'm a fed up mom, i know why she did it, and so do i. (d has inherited his spontaneous dinner making from his dad so hopefully the boys will take it another generation and that will similarly save their wives from getting mad about dropped socks) that i come across more novels in progress. they remind me of all the stories i used to hoard in my orange duotang when i was little. also making me smile is the hockey stick up high in the middlest's room (d's from an era bygone that still gets a workout whenever middlest needs it) and the amazing bit of sky as viewed from my laundry room.

i'm still typing out those handwritten scenes. you think i would learn to not let them accumulate.
i had no idea one could pick out lego colors in bulk until i read stacey's post. now you know i want to go visit my friends and family in calgary even more and stop here our collection is such a multi-themed thing it's nearly impossible to just build something bright and basic.

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  1. you aren't the only one. I still tidy up, okay, I'll be honest, clean! B and M's rooms. it's way easier than fighting with them all the time.


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