Thursday, February 17, 2011

it has a cheesy cover and some two year scribbled in it, but it's one of my favorite books

my gratitude journal has been a part of me for so long i had forgot how i even started it.

then today i opened it to write a pageful (that's the rule about the gratitude journal -- you have to write a full page when you start one) and i saw that my friend corrine had started me on it way back when over 11 years ago.

that made me wish i had a "suggested by" tag on every good idea i have in my life. you have no idea how grateful i am to corinne for bringing the concept into my life.
start one and see yourself. it's a life changer.
to combat discontentment or stress, commit to doing it 30 days in a row. no repeats. you think you won't be able to, but you will. no matter who or where you are.

the beauty of the journal is that the more you look for things to be grateful for (you have lines to fill, you know ;) the more things you will see

and as you get practiced at giving thanks in whatever circumstance or day you find yourself in, the better you will get -- seeing a whole 'nother layer of the world most people are walking around missing.

reading through from the beginning is the best. oftentimes it is the hardest days that we most need the reminder of journalling the good stuff. so when i look at my book-ful of mountains of multi-sized blessings i can vividly remember the stress of the day, even though it all worked together for good in the big life picture. that's how tommorow and the next and the next will go too no matter what's happening. (more thoughts on teaching gratitude to the next generation here)

it's an activity affirmation of one of my favorite quotes up in the kitchen that reads like this

"the crisis of the day will change, but the big picture will not"

i'm off to do the mindless tasks that seem to breed ideas like rabbits. and then i'm going to write them down.

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