Tuesday, February 22, 2011

how to best say i'm glad we're in this together

i know you are tempted to do a bling intervention on me. i'm out of control. key ring sports leopard print key, canadian tire; juicy couture sparkle guru a gift from my little look-a-like sister who deemed it too ugly for regular use; and recently thrifted leather heart. my right hand rings are from ardene (thanks, secret pal) and the dollar giant.

i am knee deep in anita shreve's sea glass. love the variety of characters who transport me to another time and place on to do list breaks. (that to do list today consists of thrifty chicks listings, entertaining a cute loaner kid while her mom is at work, some writing, and some cat in the hat style picking up and putting away -- have always wanted the picture of him in his cleaning up machine for my kitchen ;)

that's what novels do best.

and the fun thing is, when i am typing the scenes i've written down in the past into the current project's manuscript i don't even remember writing them. it's like reading someone else's book. which is good, because in writing and rewriting one, one reads the same scenes over and over.

the celebration of the everyday is going on today. it's our 14th year to the day of being marrieds and we're marking it with lasanga and a movie at home because that's how we roll. i feel like this is one of those occasions that one should do an academy awardesque speech -- i'd like to thank God, and our families and our loving friends ;) -- because being married and especially happily married is not easy. the toys you trip over and bills that careen through your chequing account and the bad moods that you wake up in or the snarky comment you give or get try their best to take a chunk out of happily ever after. the trick is to beat them at their own game. (looking at the picture your life is with the same deliberate blindness you practiced when you first fell in love) and do similar happy support for your friends. like when you pass on the compliments they say behind each other's backs. (because let's face it we all forget to tell the ones we love the things we love about them)

less than 8 hours til d gets home. if i was the lipstick type, i'd put it on stand-by ;)
(in the meantime, there is that pesky to do list) happy tuesday to you.

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  1. beautiful post Michelle and so very true! hope you have a wonderful anniversary.

    must get me one of those rings.


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