Wednesday, February 16, 2011

halfway through W, another hill to climb

mantel stylings: rough bowl + mini wooden suitcase, thrifted; green plate, objekts; compass, dug out of the back yard; willow tree family, grahams gifts; mini white vase, thrifted; faux foliage + home letters, dollar store

more than a few things to organize
and the kids walked right out the door and onto the bus
that's how skin of the teeth the morning was
but morning coffee will make a difference
and then typing out notes
until new words come.
that's what some wednesdays are like

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  1. I hear you on the bus catching! I can't believe how many days we're running to the sidewalk as the bus is coming to a stop ;) In all fairness to us, we can't see the bus coming at all.
    coats on, coats on, hurry up, i think i hear the bus...!


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