Friday, February 11, 2011

the bad with the good and the chocolate covered

usually, my writing takes place when i sit down to do it
but occasionally
it also occurs in my head
when laying down to sleep
or driving the car
i had some of that this week

also, i had an unsettling dream in which
large parts of our house were stolen and pulled into the street
the next day i was mini robbed
thankfully not in the house breaking proportions
my dream might suggest

also, thankfully as antidote i've had cupcake making, friend breakfasting,
and chocolate covered coffee bean popping (thanks, lorene)
and you know i loved it when my middlest made this pop out knife out of paper
i'll leave you to your valentine's celebrating this weekend
say a prayer for those whose hearts are otherwise occupied.
i think particularly of this sweet family who need your prayers.

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  1. you always give me a happy moment when I see your comments. Thanks for taking the bits of time to do so!

    seriously, you challenge me and encourage me in so many ways and I'm so thankful for you and the life moments you record here. (i'm getting bad for checking everyday for updates :) )

    {big hug}


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