Tuesday, February 01, 2011

assorted priorities as fuelled by sugar

i have a hunch i'm going to need a vitamin IV later in the day because the coffee, boston cream donut, 1 dinosaur shaped cheese, and double zout dropjes i've had for breakfast probably wouldn't put me on a best eating list ;)

but i can catch up later. based on stacey's shout out for the newly minted dress (of which i am showing off today, but will tutorial about later on a less random post) i would hold out longer, but based on yesterday afternoon's smokey eye makeup practice session to match, (yes, i answered the after school playdate door wearing it -- not to worry -- my kids' friends already know i'm a weirdo -- my oldest told me that's how he knows i'm an ok mom -- i'm not winning the award for the coolest ;) you know i'm ridiculously excited about wearing it.

also, just so you know, plenty of my DIY's do not work out the first time around. sometimes i make 6 nail holes in my plaster walls while trying to put up a simple shelf (thanks thrifty chick for the shelf save --it was destined for the trash because of water stains and a loose knob) & even mess up something as simple as chipboard letters on the kitchen wall. (thanks secret pal for the classic GC) i glued the word BISTRO to the wall above the kitchen sink, but by the time i had people over, the R had given up holding and it looked like i was advertising for gravy. c'est la vie. i decided the safer way to display them might be on an old upcycled tray. the potatoes and coffee tin are doing their best to squash the glue into a hold position as we speak.

i can't be too picky if i'm going to cross the to-dos off my list, get a big planned chunk of fiction to page, and fit in time with my girlfriends.

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  1. love the bit about the smokey eye...my kids are the first to call me on my makeup:)


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