Sunday, February 27, 2011

the apples do not fall far from the tree

i am one in a family of list makers and creative types. d and i keep reading the middlest's found literary works on the down low in d's smoke room and returning the notebooks from whence they came afterwards. even more thrilling than a kid writing a fairly good story and then running to show mom and dad is when he doesn't because stories are so commonplace and just something that have to come out of him. it must be the family kiss of the blarney stone.

in other artsy fartsy news -- little c continues to be interested in learning to play the piano, has made a link inspired outfit for his pet lemur lemie (who has displaced monkey as his only child), and middlest's room now contains chalkboard wall bubbles inspired by these.

love this girl's documentation of her thrifted wardrobe. because it's the snowy type of day -- the kind of one likely to make me photograph the inside of a closet or take pictures of my off to church outfit. brooch -- easy to make (vintage butterfly backed with some onion bag mesh) -- you get a taste of my mid-day, mundane as it may be.

more writing has been happening on paper than keyboard lately -- i must be revving up for spring break (writing is the mommy equivalent to being on the phone -- a magnet for interrupting kids -- if they have no idea it's going on (for all they know i'm drafting lists of chores to divy up ;) everyone stays out of the way.
in even more excitement an adorable parcel is in the mail for me

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  1. always amazing to see your children evolve...congrats on your win...cute outfit.


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