Monday, February 21, 2011

the antidote to february and other monday morning secrets

will have to make another cardboard bubble soon. i love this one. the quote to me is such a freeing thing. the gift of yourself is always enough, in the max quantities you can give it, work and household maintenance and all. it doesn't need to be over the top -- just a hang out with me and we'll get our stuff done. childhood memories are often the things we think are too small to mention.

little c's elementary school is celebrating the 100th day of school. you know i'm looking forward to it. have this weird vivid memory of 100s day in grade two (i brought 100 mini marshmellows or buttons or some such -- ok, so not so vivid ;) -- but the vibe of the day lives on in my mind.)

i've been burning through books one after another. so much so that yesterday's dinner was baked potatoes with all the fattening trimmings followed by dessert. no one complained. they must know i need my antidote to february. d & my 14th anniversary is tommorow. you know i have a few surprises up my sleeve. and some words to get to page

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