Thursday, January 27, 2011

task delegation

having the short story collection and novel both in progress right now is so back and forth. as soon as i get in a bit deep to one, the other makes a siren call. it could be a subconcious procrastination, but words are getting to page so i'm not going to mess with the process. so think deadline doubled. i'm going to hang up the novel outline this weekend so i can try and trick my typing brain into just focusing on it for a while.

to stay on task, i'll let the kids make the important household decisions like groceries ;) hopefully the asian apples at list end save us from scurvy

d is already in bed reading from his great big stack of books i bought today (his and her stacks because the thrift store was doing 50% off the reading materials. if you don't hear from us for a while that's why ;) i'm off to read, then sleep, then write.

enjoy your weekend

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  1. looks like you have menu planning (which I find for our family extremely helpful but a chore I hate doing) all done for you! :)

    Think he'd agree to a career in it?


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