Wednesday, January 26, 2011

sticky buns + honest girlfriends are better than rubies

when life and story lines are plenteous
and i just need a little perspective and honesty
for the inner angst & the stuff that matters
i rely on my girlfriends

you know the ones. the ones who will tell you like it is,
not let you off the hook,
refocus and share life stories to encourage you.

mine yesterday was cindy. she did for my heart what that sticky bun did for my appetite. surpassed it. this past weekend it was patty and then jen and then stephanie and my sisters... my cup runneth over

the other day in that weekly study i do with some of those girlfriends, i heard the life sharing encouraging we can do (as opposed to acting like we have no idea/cannot relate when someone confesses a quirk or struggle whether it's impatience or messmaking or life circumstances which is terribly discouraging and in fact robs you of girlfriends because who is ever going to share something with you again acting like that) referred to as someone's life message. loved that.
because when we can unload our hearts, we make more room for the loving others, filling up on good stuff, and writing much better fiction. (or whatever your creative work happens to be)

i'm mid coffee + paper (today's is the tabloid-y province) in that early morning post kids' bus pickup/pre d's workday. even without much conversation, it is a comfortable routine silence. (27 day countdown to the celebration of the accumulation of 14 d+m years of such moments)

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