Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sometimes a snow day is like a holiday

when you get over the stuff you wanted to get done
and embrace the new agenda
white stuff everywhere, including a scary amount following the kids back inside
and time in which to sit around in pjs and write and feel good about it
the kids busy with an old movie, and diced up apples and apple fritters for their breakfast
and then engaged in snowball warfare and snowman construction following that
allowing time for plenty of words to get to page
interrupted only by the weirdness of quiet for an extended period and taking breaks to capture what's keeping them occupied.
upcoming on the agenda, snowboard practice at a nearby locale
and hopefully, more of those words.


  1. sigh.
    i wish i could go at a snow day the same way.
    unfortunately my work doesn't really do snow days and i usually end up trying to make my way there.
    this day of yours sounds perfect.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the expression on his face on the last pic.


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