Tuesday, January 18, 2011

playing with ribbon and other rainy day activities

you know those cute folded ribbons that you see coming out in the new scrapbooking catalogues? well, i like them, but mine are boy books so the bling and ribbon i buy get used less than they would if i had to do princess pages. (plus a lot of the packs include girly colours i can't use) so i decided to make my own
steps for the interested:
1. fold ribbon (i used vintage sheen binding) and pin with a long dressmaker's pin
2. if you want a smooth like the retail thing look, fold all in one direction, with equal spacing and use matching thread to hand stitch
3. if you want a punky look to match your boy page, stitch with alternating stitch size with a contrasting color and do sections with different techniques to get a row of looks in one ribbon.
4. stitch to page (or glue dot if you are going for the smooth look)

the weather is still holding in a grey little pattern so i think a day of writing and listing cute items in the thrifty chicks store is in order.

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