Thursday, January 06, 2011

i'm one of those people

you know those people who simply must work out every day or they feel off?
i'm not one of them ;)
but i feel like that about my writing
which is similar to the workout thing in that i don't always feel like doing it.
the work of it.
i love the latte, the thrill of a good chunk to page, the i can't believe i can be writing in the middle of the day.
and when it all happens at the same time, it's magic.
lots of times though, it requires bribing.
yes, i bribe myself
to do lots of things -- clean house, feed my family, get out of bed.... ;)

today's writing is going fairly decently, but it might be because i promised myself a petit thrift jaunt later. on a different note, today's character would not be caught dead in such a joint. c'est la vie -- more for me.

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  1. oh how I would love to reward myself with a thrift jaunt!


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