Wednesday, January 05, 2011

if i don't answer the door, i might be writing in my closet

because it's safer than baking biscotti like i attempted to with my early morning writing yesterday (turns out that when you wake up so early you are napping at 8am, you might forget the oven's on and ruin a perfectly good batch of chocolate goodness. when asked why he didn't intervene on the smoky cookies, d said "i thought you knew what you were doing" he might have also smirked. lippy-head)

it must be january because i am all about organizing the whole house. or it could be that i have a few adorable pregnant girlfriends who keep going on and on about nesting til it becomes contagious ;)

it's a toss up between the closet (which i love enough to move into) and the newly reno-ed library (and by reno-ed i mean give me a few days off last week and i'll rip the upstairs hall closet wall down to the studs and paint it and move all my bookcases and a bench into it and call it a library ;) given that the book space is adjacent to little c's room and he does not differenciate between other family member's stuff and his own, my notebooks are a bit safer on the main floor. will let you know what develops if i don't get distracted playing dress-up.

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