Sunday, January 09, 2011

get out your notebook

it's january
did i mention i can't stop listmaking and organizing (not to mention wonton-making -- this weekend's were venision + rice with a hefty coating of plum sauce) ?
and my sisters are caught up on my 2011 plans for the year. thank goodness they tolerate my use of them as charming life coaches, one coffee at a time. (weaker girls would get sick of "what about this plan? and this one?"... ;)
i bought some more books. big surprise ;) pysched to get into this one after the brit chick lit i am currently engrossed in.

the two littlest in the family (not including the cat who thinks he's a real boy) are in january gymnastics class. (which they love and seem to have aptitude for -- but of course every parent there thinks their kid does too so slap me if i also talk about my kids' sporting obligations that take up entire saturdays -- ie "after this we're rushing off to swimming lessons" and then...(because what does a kid need saturday for other than to run from activity to activity? ;) i wisely kept my snobby opinions to myself and finished the rest of the read in my purse . it was great. d might have wrinkled his nose and asked why on earth they would be into that? um, have you seen their continuing obsession with WWE? what is that if not dramatic tumbling routines & acrobatics? ;)

the house is full of noise and a bit disorderly after a weekend of hanging round it en famille . writing & the like (speed house ordering, school volunteering) to commence in approximately 12 hours.

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