Sunday, January 23, 2011

enjoying the aftermath

it's sunday

and something greasy (roasted potatoes with chopped chives and turkey sausages) is cooking in the oven for late brunch. i'm back from attending a church different than my own for my little cadet's cadet sunday (where they march in with flags in their matching shirts and do a dramatic reading from scripture (based on james 3) that convicts all the grownups of the room where the life we are meaning to lead is not measuring up to the one we are leading and to stay there (the latter) is to settle. i took a lot of notes on the message that followed. listening makes me connect ideas and the way i process is always to write them down. i took some to share on HJ. (also i took notes because as i confessed to my women's group this past thursday, if i do not my brain will wander and inadvertently start planning the next kiddie birthday party or something of equal frivolity ;))
my house is messy because we had some friends over last night. the appys were scattered on tables throughout the mingling house, the kids were driving into our socializing feet with remote controls, and black silly putty may have been confiscated. it was late. dishes are now everywhere. and i wouldn't have it any other way. i ♥ entertaining. (which is just a one word way to say collect your friends into a few adjoining rooms, add delicious food and drink, and let their stories flow. even better than novel reading, i tell you)

in a bid to stay relaxed in the midst of house chaos i took pics of the things that are put together (if i zoom in close enough ;) that make my eyes smile. (my family frame that includes pics of d as a little, d and i as fledgling grownups back in the day, one of him on the couch in our single wide with our first baby, my grandparents, and my dad when he was a baby which has doubled as the cover for mother mexico, little c's leftover bedtime snack, the cutie yellow shoes i can't wait to wear this spring, and my newest giltly acquistion -- shiny and 25 cents -- the best kind of find)

happy rest day to you. take God up on it.


  1. I love that family frame. might have to try something like that here :)

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