Sunday, January 30, 2011

eats and frocks on weekend shifts

i may be addicted to sewing up little shiny dresses. give me a bit of saturday to myself (in which the oldest is off snowboarding & the youngest two are at their gymnastics lessons) and i may run over to the fabric store (originally looking for plaid taffeta a la RL) they didn't have it. so i bought 1 metre of clearance pink taffeta instead and spent the afternoon sewing every inch of it into something cute to wear for valentine's.

i love gifts that come in coolers. a friend this last week gave us some butcher paper wrapped cow goodness so that turned into a big mess of dishes that were amazing and were scarfed down a la famille in front of the food network (chopped -- our fave -- mine in particular because entertaining with good food is often using what you have on hand to make interesting well presented dishes and the chopped chefs are challenged with the weirdest combos which i can identify with once home from the store with a random assortment of ingredients)

it turns out that little c is further meal planning. the best trick i've found to keep him sitting relatively still through an hour + of sunday service is he and i taking turns drawing food into boxes (a la webkinz) he loves it. if i put it on the fridge afterward it looks like we're planning ahead ;) a bit optimistically i might add
i am mid rest day but tommorow's early morning session promises to have a whole bunch of storylines to follow.

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  1. I want to see your pretty dress! I would LOVE to be able to sew a dress - maybe one day:)


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