Sunday, December 05, 2010

wontons in advent season

i am perfectly ok with the only seasonal snow being the stuff on little c's Christmas nightlight. it's been a cozy little weekend. besides puttering and organizing the house and wrapping a few gifts i've been doing my best to keep up with the boys' requests for piano instruction. (something i've always meant to do, but hadn't gotten around to -- it might have been worth the wait -- they're catching on like wildfire -- (if i had to choose my favorite moment it would be a toss up between amazing grace me on the piano, little c singing, and middle boy rocking his recorder or when little c (who can now play the first two lines) said to me in all seriousness "this is really similar to the one we sing at school -- amazing grades" i assured him it was the same one and he might have the lyrics a wee bit off ;)

in the middle of saturday, post chores and pre coffee with a girlfriend and her little guy (similarly infatuated with potty humor as my littlest is -- who had him in stitches all afternoon) and the lights of Christmas parade that made its way right past our front door, we made wontons for the first time. (yum but i am now adding deepfryer to my wishlist so i can try making them that way too) recipe here we paired pork and julienned sweet potatoes instead of pork and shrimp.
tommorow will see me still finishing up that bright blue room painting between short story scribing. 10 hours til that typing commences.

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  1. oh you're making me hungry!
    adorable...amazing grades...just adorable.
    i'm finally sending off your package today:)


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