Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a wonderful Christmas followed up by a serving of teenage chicken pox

that's right. the middle schooler broke out with them the day after Christmas (he had them as a two year old, but apparently not enough) the rest of the family has either had them or been immunized against so we'll see how this plays out. i'd include the pox pics of him i annoyingly sent to my MD girlfriend at 3am when panicking... "is this smallpox?" i know. i'm making you want to be my friend ;) low maintenance or what. but i want him to still be talking to me when he recovers. which is
making this a low key week.

the mantle is de-Christmas-fied

the cat is helping me take down the tree, one broken ornament and displaced tree limb at a time.

and the only green and red thing i'm keeping around is my boudior mistletoe which i think is adorable enough to stick around for a while. (plus i got it at an after Christmas sale so have only got to enjoy it for a second or two so far)

sticking around the house means i've burned through two books since the weekend and have set aside the story stories to make some fairly decent novel progress.
more of both on the horizon. fuelled by the ridiculously good sticky buns my favorite reader and baker ett dropped off.


  1. Jocelyn5:32 PM

    Oh Michelle, this sucks! Steph and I had chicken pox for the second time each back 2004 when I was in my first trimester preggers with Mr. Jamie! Not fun at all! My Brother (36) also figures that he just had a second round of them too! What is going on! Well enjoy your slow week!

  2. oh no! poor C! hope he's feeling better soon! enjoy the downtime?


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