Saturday, December 18, 2010

unusual reads, plinking on the piano, and a house ful of sparkly things

saturday afternoon and i'm filling out paperwork and reading for a break between. just fuelled up on the joe of the day (tall cafe misto from Starbucks brought home and crammed full of marshmellows)

reading is like laundry. i'm never quite caught up. just as it looks like i might be, something new shows up on the horizon. the latest might be a surprise for a churchy girl, but i've been seriously interested in reading more about alice cooper ever since i saw a late night interview with him where he confessed to saving faith in God and friendship with Celine Dion (neither which frankly i saw coming;) read more from another article that delves deeper into his testimony here (i'm tres interested in lives that don't fit in the box in terms of pleasing everyone here on earth, but genuinely connect with the Savior) so it turns out he has a book called Golf Monster (maybe you've already read it and can loan me your copy?) that you know I'm going to check out.

writing is not going to be a Christmas holiday activity as far as I can see (I can barely blog without yelling "be quiet!" to everyone in the vicinity (which is why i bring my coffee home and don't stay at Starbucks ;)

between teaching the kids more piano tunes (turns out they are quite quick at picking up my unorthodox instruction) reading seems like it might be the more peaceable option. i'll be picking post-its with writing notes on them out of all my reads come january.

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  1. for the last couple of days I have either been puked on or i've been puking myself...
    i'm so glad you got the package but i really don't deserve your kind post about it! but thank you, thank you my friend:)
    love that you play and teach cool.


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