Sunday, December 12, 2010

time out for mommy

you know when you're in danger of losing your head (i read somewhere the description of pulling off one's head and throwing it at some one -- while more graphic -- it does follow the head loss sentiment and perhaps more aptly describes the aagghh! factor)
i was there early saturday night. winter is here, boys are boys, and d works long hours
so i tried my own Rx -- nothing like a trip to starbucks solo for something delicious to drink and something equally fab to read.

back home, i settled in bed in my pjs and optimistically added my current read to the paper pile -- one of my bookman finds from my trip with that friend it's an advance reading copy -- which i have not had the pleasure to own prior it only took one section of the globe and mail weekend edition later (and you know there are a lot of sections in that one) and little c had found me.

then ensued a thousand games of guess who with someone who doesn't quite get the rules or the strategy but is constantly surprised at his losing (explaining how to play for those who are about to suggest so doesn't work as he is sure i am doing it wrong while still guessing his ;)

a rest day later (in which d is home and cooking roast and i am letting the boys set up a man cave in the unfinished basement) i'm sure i will regret half the house being dragged down there later, but it's nice right now
i am much better, thank you.

work week writing to commence in 12 hours

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