Wednesday, December 01, 2010

short story dogpile

there are times that stories come out slow. and there are times that they pile on top of each other, wrapping up one after another. it's one of those times right now.

i think the thing i like best about short stories is that they give me a chance over and over again to write that last wrap-up story sentence the one that takes the reader by surprise or leaves them wanting more. The short story is like leaving your friends at a party at the height of its fun before the messy house, mascara smudged, yawning end. In your memory, it ends at its glossiest and that's what it's remembered for.

(A long delicious novel is conversely like that party that goes on and on and turns into early morning coffee and conversation between good friends. that's good too. and so 2011 by the looks of my writing deadlines.)

the seasonal decorating is in full swing, party bling acquired, cookie making ongoing. i'm already looking forward to the kids' Christmas concerts, annual parade within walking distance, and of course, more cookies.

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