Friday, December 03, 2010

robson street translated with help from the dollar store

when i was pounding robson street pavement with my leggy blond SIL yesterday, (super fun day with endless kidfree chit chat, starbucks, a yum panini lunch, and a ton of clothes try-ons) i was collecting more ideas than bags. you already know my oft repeated thrifty chick sentiments & they were coupled with i have an armload of girlie necklaces and big rings already not to mention clothes to put them over & loving components of what i oohed over (most specifically the feathers on the charm necklaces at guess and the big rings and pearlish things at mexx)

so when i got home i decided to scout for the raw materials (such as they are found at the dollar store) and mesh them together to fill that vision.


1 large ring with the paste gemstone popped off
1 strand of pearls
1 ribbon untied from the Christmas tree and ironed with your hair straightener
1 pair of feather earrings
1 bottle clear nailpolish from your make-up bag
1. small vintage brooch from your stash of such things

thrifty chicks shopping co receipt 3 x $1.25 = $3.75

steps for the interested
1. take the feather earrings apart careful to keep their metal clasp holding them tight intact
2. tie the ribbon around 1 earring's worth of them
3. tie the ribbon to where you want it to land on the necklace
4. trim ends on the diagonal
5. attach vintage brooch to finish

for the ring:
1. cover surface with clear nailpolish
2. adhere feathers from remaining earring
3. trim to fit
4. lift and add more clear nailpolish to adhere securely

for more ideas from quirky DIY girls like me look for links here

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