Friday, December 17, 2010

not a creature was stirring, not even a raccoon

i love a good parcel. you know the kind that feels like coffee with a friend -- thoughtful thing after thoughtful thing ready to be pulled from its bubble mailer home.
so if there's anything better than a good parcel, it's a good parcel from a fellow blogger, and if there's anything better than a good parcel from a fellow blogger, it's one from a Canadian blogger.
they say that Canadian girls are the nicest and they're not lying.
tara's was one of those blogs that i added to my sidebar blogroll in a fit of instant love quite a while ago. not only does she have a gorgeous old house which she decorates all magazine worthy, but she lets you into her life, documenting her thoughts on early morning runs in old running shoes (in which she stops at a garage sale on the way home) and trips to the idyllic horse drawn buggy Christmas tree farm (in which the little guy crashes from his sugar high and is featured with ring pop mouth) and days where she says "i meant to do __________ but i didn't because life got in the way". (which she is smart to do to make us all feel less insecure around her mothering, working juggling, homemaking, running, home styling self ;) add to that foodie shots of everyday and a wardobe of joe and anthropologie side by side and adorable shots of her mussed up playroom that fools us into thinking our disarray looks as lovely (which conviently paves the way for more life living and writing)

and you have yourselves a keeper.

so that parcel (the one i picked up mid afternoon at a Canada Post outlet) -- from the djeco paper airplanes pack (product line i was ooohing over after this post) to the adorable little DIY stuffed raccoon middle boy made in non-stop crafting til way too late (d and i chuckle at his knitting while watching WWE self -- he really is asking no one else how to do his life -- love a confident self-guided kid ;) to the starbucks and magazine ♥ for me and the frame worthy outside melt my heart inside card -- i was all over it all.

my fellow thrifty chick and i are planning a yahoo it's the weekend sourcing trip, so if you're a fan of 2 thrifty chicks shopping co. on FB you'll have to stay tuned.

writing will have to try and work its way into the weekend. good luck to it.

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