Wednesday, December 29, 2010

love is in the air but so are pox germs

i turned around the other day while driving to see this is in action (what -- you can't take pictures with your eyes? i must be the only one ;) waited til we got to our destination to document the rest of the ♥ so i can remind myself during all the melt-downs that this grade 1 year has been famous for.

continuing to make slurpee and comic runs for the sickie, but still fitting in the crafting and reading like nobody's business. (little cardboard binder is going to be documenting all the highlights from Christmas 2010 -- i'm a little in love with it)

only a couple more days til i can wear my crafty girl handiwork. let's see how many more words -- written and read -- i can squeeze in there in the meantime.

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