Sunday, December 19, 2010

in which the littlest gets resentful of older brother perks

the boys have a paper route
with which little c helps an extremely limited amount. i think the ratio is 4:144
regardless, his older brothers keep him in club penguin memberships for his troubles and when tipped on their route, make sure he gets something to spend at the dollar store too.
when this sweet family moved out of the route catchment, they charmingly tipped the whole family.
but that's not to say it's their fault for raising his expectations ;)
while the olders were scribing their recent thank you notes, little c wanted his own card.
he chose it carefully
i looked over to see him drawing a beautiful ornament to fill with his chosen message
it turns out to be a good thing he doesn't have access to mailing addresses.
we might get fired
i thought i'd give you a peek before it is tucked far into the recycling bin (because even with the "h" word on it, throwing paper in the garbage can is just plain wrong ;) and he gets a talking to on kind word procotcol.
better finish the rest of dinner and serve the family so we can get on with sunday night (watching a movie during which the middle schooler will attempt to make everyone jealous by wearing his new snuggi ;)
half a day til writing commences post weekend (what little results -- maybe the family will sleep in and allow for more. one can hope...)

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  1. Sorry for laughing but that's really quite funny!

    Here's to hoping you were able to wipe your smirk off before said talking to. :)


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