Thursday, December 16, 2010

here a wreath, there a wreath, everywhere a wreath, wreath

on a thrift jaunt yesterday i came across what is my favorite campy decor item to date. someone folded used lotto scratch and wins all origami-ish and made a wreath out of them. (click on picture to zoom in for detail) i tied a tweed ribbon to it and it's making my kitchen bulletin board all fabulous.

because i love repurposing but i don't have that kind of supply or skill set but i do have a holly tree, i made a wreath out of that (and the top of an old lampshade to keep it interesting ;) for my friend sarah's new house which is short on Christmas decor par for the course when moving in December.

steps for the interested:

1. rip the top ring of the discarded lamp shade away from the fabric or paper shade (this was a small punctured IKEA one)
2. wrap bendy holly around the outside, starting in various spots. to cover the bare bits, be strategic about where you start winding -- lay branch around the edge to get an idea, leaving room for winding so you end up at the right place)
3. tie a Christmas ornament onto the middle circle (where the light bulb usually goes) -- i used yarn -- i've also used embroidery thread and twine in the past
4. secure wrapped branches to the outside ring by tying and knotting around them with more yarn (and trimming to finish)
5.knot a ribbon to the top to hang
6. tuck sprigs of holly into the places the wreath needs more fullness. better overfull than straggly

i'm linking to the shabby nest because i nab their collected ideas all the time :)

doing some to do list, but it might inspire stories about work. i'll let you know

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