Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the good life, kids in tow

a girl whose blog i love reading did her last post about life before kids i loved it
and it got me thinking
because for us, three loud boys in tow, there is nothing to mourn.
our life before kids (unless you count our teenagehoods) was a whole five months long
i was four months to the day pregnant behind my white rose bouquet. and those five remaining months were less filled with swanky dinners and world travel than they were with barbeque chips and 1 tv channel in my maternity duds in our single wide trailer. (this sounds like it might be the kind of cliche a writer throws around for the fun of it, but it's a true story ;)

so we started the life we wanted then.
our annual valentine's dinner party started out as dinner for ten already with the furniture moved along the living room wall and a rented table thrown down the middle and covered with paper with quotes scribed on. it was eight courses with century sam cigars (99cent kind one can source at 7-11) and baby canadian champagne at the end, and a two year old on my knee right into the salad course i notice our baby two children later is also at our eating sides in this year's pictures so some things don't change ;) but it was glamourous to us.

to this day, we are more about wine and takeout in front of a movie at home (the picture is documentation of this last weekend -- you know i was stitching beads onto clothing for fun and an action movie was playing) between those dinners i love planning. but it feels like the good life to us. and you know we are planning our senior years with wild abandon
today is a writing 9-5er (not literally because you know the kids are going to throw a wrench into output when they come home) but it sounds better that way. will let you know what results.
to add a smile to your day read this girl's real life post.


  1. thank you my sweet friend for the compliment and the shout out!
    i hope you know, and i'm pretty sure you do, that i wouldn't trade my life right now for my life BC.
    i do not miss that life...but i can appreciate it for what it was...a very selfish and indulgent time.
    i do not long for it. no. not at all. i am glad it happened however as it was a time when i experienced a lot of new things.
    we took advantage of what life had to offer at the time.
    as did you.
    and you and i will continue to do so...in the present...purposefully...i think:)

  2. i totally know that :) keep writing about life & i'll keep enjoying reading about it ♥

  3. That was a sweet post:)


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