Tuesday, December 21, 2010

between clairol and pandora's boxes

last night i was late for splurge because i was dyeing my hair, ("dark chocolate" because i was sick of "black cherry") and talking on the phone to friends i would be seeing in a minute if i would get off the phone and let them get to splurge too and sitting beside a bit stack of magazines (thanks, magazine fairy girlfriends -- i had three stacks show up within days of each other and i might never get to the bottom) also because instead of reading them i was hitting my new read Death of the Grown-up -- which tackles the forever young wish that the world has that grows up the babies into mini teenagers (ie skanky clothes for 6 year olds) and makes grownups want to be gossip girl age. i ♥ it. as soon as i read the stats in the front (more adults watch nickelodeon and comedy network than CNN) i've been reading it in 20 page increments between must dos (my plan to get through the 200+ pgs and still get things done because it's that good and i can't dye my hair again already ;)

the middle schooler had been alerted to the impending lunar eclipse by my into that sort of thing dad and was waiting to watch it with me (d and the other two monkeys were long passed out) so i also bore witness near midnight. too streetlightish here to get the promised sparkling stars effect, but a neat moment nonetheless.

so it's the nearing the end of the year and i'm at the end of the short story collection that i inadvertently started at the beginning of 2010. i struggle with resolutions and list making. (love them both -- the latter more because it's like dreaming) but am unsure as to how much is too much -- ie trying to control life years ahead so much that you are getting in the way of the direction your life's supposed to take. what's your tendancy? plan plan plan or coast coast coast? or maybe a well balanced version i have yet to grab ahold of...

farther down the to do list, a trip to the bookstore as promised on the kids' advent calendar, and some more of that reading. today's story is about an out there cat lady. if she was to meet a man who suited her, what would he be like?

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