Tuesday, November 02, 2010

the writing's on the wall

i was in the steamy bathroom last night and realized someone had left a secret message on the mirror. checking the angles like a detective revealed it read "I love Mrs.B" so it turns out i'm not the only one who admires little c's teacher ;)

that little c, who has been losing teeth left and right, but has too many older brothers to believe in the tooth fairy, still hasn't cashed in his second one. guess he's waiting for an occasion he needs funds. what he has been doing though is reading -- tons -- and he is loathe to do it without an audience ;) finally he told me it was ok if i listened with my eyes closed. (must review that slacker mom manual again so i don't feel bad)

more progress on the short story collection today -- the nuts and bolts of it. i'd drop more hints about them, but i'm off to watch telly with d and stitch things because i'm exciting like that ;)

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  1. that is so cute that your little guy wrote that on the mirror-awww!


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