Tuesday, November 16, 2010

what is it about a fun girl who likes raw fish?

i had lunch with an old friend today
the kind that dates back to childhood when you're at the park and the highlight of your day is that people think you're sisters
we hadn't got together in forever but she was in town
and i was nervous
i know, weird,
but i worry about running out of things to say
(cue all my friends laughing)

i shouldn't have worried.
i was so relaxed once we met up in line at the local bookstore buying books
both sporting new hair bling
that i zipped her away in my mini-mini van
to all you can eat sushi lunch
and did not shut up for two hours straight
she might think i'm crazy
we were incapable of taking one proper picture of the two of us
with her hypstamatic app
and she is normally fab at that sort of thing
so i'm blaming how i scared her with my constant chatter
thankfully the little sushi rolls didn't talk
so they photographed just fine ;)
totally tempted to pretend that the cutie with the hair flower in the top pic is me, but it's her. that's blurry face me a couple down ;)
i feel like i have writing hours to go tonight. must have swilled coffee a little too late in the day (or just right if you're my deadline) kids must have also dipped into said caffeine. not a sleeper among them ;)


  1. you talk for 2 hours straight? don't believe it for a second :p

    good luck with the sleep tonight lol.

  2. Can vouch that this is true. Saw you both getting out of your minivan at your house at 2 pm. Don't you love living on Yale in public view?

  3. ha ha, anne :)
    i'm used to it now

  4. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Haha. I was nervous too. I know now how silly that was! And BTW you weren't the only one chatting up a storm!


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