Friday, November 26, 2010

that kind of thursday

so i drove in the snow yesterday
you would have been proud
i hate slipping around
i blame it on the could have died accident
forever ago
where i was 17 and speeding and spun into a hydro pole
for a long time i wouldn't drive in any snow
and for the last couple of years i have made myself do a little bit
last night i was the one doing 30 km/h to the movies
to meet up with a friend on her birthday
(we saw morning glory -- it was great)
she brought me a present too because she's that kind of girl
(she and another sweet friend were shopping and ran across the perfect addition to my self made festive outfit while i was working -- ♥ them)
today has no movies with friends in it but there is the tree the boys have half set up last night, and the card game that needs picked up that i came home to find d playing with the boys at 10 to 10 (any clue as to who's the fun parent in this house? ;) and a few stories that refuse to write themselves.

love this 6 year old post vancouver aquarium art. when i scrapbook it, you know it's going right beside the pictures. adorable tea towel can be yours too. find it at the local Button Box.

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