Sunday, November 21, 2010

snippets of conversation and weekend

the big deal school fundraiser of the year behind us
cue funny from d and i's conversation the other day:
me: i like my life. it's a good one
d: if you like volunteering

ha ha.
i do. and am besotted with my kids' school so it's all good.
that said, i am gearing up for a whole bunch of short story collection wrap-up that's been on the back burner. and you know i am itching to break out the Christmas celebrating
(minus the seasonal snow shovelling)

i love that at the garage sale part of yesterday's fundraiser, my big and middle boys manned stations and my friend monica who knows the way to my heart is taking my littlest off my hands for a little while and i got to hang out at the same station.
middle boy also made my retro crafty heart swell with his purchases (can of random spray paint, little girl's bike he revisioned as a little trick bike, and a burl wood clock for his bedroom)

off to sunday with d, recharged by coffee with my blond sister, and before that my church girlfriends this morning. writing time to commence in 17 hours...

self made necklace du jour (as part of Friday's night relaxing agenda)
steps for the interested
1. deem one of your favorite teatowels too wide
2. cut 1 cm wide strips
3. cut out of them 8 cm lengths
4. knot in succession
5. tie to costume pearl strand with extra pieces
6. pin on vintage brooch to finish

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