Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the season of comfort foods and hand stitching

comfort food courtesy of papa murphy's, local egg farmers, impulse pasta sauce purchase (selected the same sophisticated way i buy wine -- for the cute label ;), hand stitched home sweet home, photo capture of the coexist of knitting & boy tech entertainment

remember my theory about crafting reducing stress? well it works for people in really stressful situations too. like this. love the implications of that. creativity is something we can tap into, no matter who we are. often, having limited resources (even if it's just the nature stuff outside) is the catalyst for such projects. so if we learn the skill and teach it to our children and those we minister to, each will have another avenue of self care. every little thing, even hand stitching, has its important place in the big picture of life.

i am struck afresh at how our job today is like every day's: no matter the circumstance -- it is an opportunity to live out love, to walk away from the events that play out with a clear conscience, knowing you did not add to another's pain or heap more on your own. love covers everything and sharing life's hard stuff spreads it over more shoulders and lessens the burdens among us. look for your way to love today.

yesterday's short story (titled "OK every second day") went in to my favorite reader late in the day. I'm working on the remaining ones like I read books (one on top of another) perhaps they will wrap up like the books did on sunday (three within 40 minutes) one can hope.

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