Monday, November 22, 2010

the paper bits that matter

i love photos of my family. of those, i love funny ones the best. so it's no surprise that these goofy ones of my middle schooler taken by this girl at a photo booth at the weekend school fundraiser are the ones making me smile in the middle of my hallway right now.
also on the smile-making list, my 6 year old's extensive Christmas list which is spelled phonetically and makes it sound like he is setting up an apartment somewhere. (fon, pet bune, TV and cabole... and then with a correctly spelled flourish yoga mat) the whole family is also giggling at his wide eyed manipulation (i sense he doesn't feel it too obvious ;) "i love you if you biy my this suf"

a bit more to do list and story writing in this monday if i can stop laughing.

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