Monday, November 08, 2010

of newspaper bunnies and kids just waiting

i never get tired of watching the kids wait for the bus. and not just because uninterrupted writing time is impending ;)

i think it's because it's like watching them sleep -- one of those rare parenting times that align to let you both sit back and enjoy them (ready, dressed and fed and backpacked) or (having a good night's sleep to start tommorow afresh) -- a time that allows you to have a contemplative moment about how good things really are apart from the usual daily concerns and a mini back pat moment (not that getting them to bed or off to school is heroic, and it might be just me, but sometimes it feels like it ;)

the writing time and the disastrous house and d's day off have collided to make what i don't know yet. i'm sure it will turn into something interesting.
ps: reason #1011 as to why it's a good idea to inquire more about little kid art. -- it's so much more entertaining with an accompanying narrative. turns out the bunny pictured went looking for his art supplies, got lost, and landed up in the newspaper.

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  1. Stopping by with a quick hello. Haven't had time to blog hop in ages but found a few minutes to spare today. Wishing you a wonderful week!


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