Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my 6 year old is sure he's in his early twenties

no other way to explain his room that can't wait to grow up

it started with the IKEA poster of the Eiffel tower (and that he is certain we are all going to Paris in celebration of his 10th birthday in 4 years ;) my blond sister gave to me which he nabbed and then painted on to the wall (yes paint as glue with the edge hanging an inch off the corner) i looked the other way as to keep on ♥ing him ;)

then he moved in many of the older members of family's books and arranged them in big stacks under his window. i assumed it was for atmosphere more than use

then he took my newly acquired antique typewriter up a floor and put it atop an overturned plastic bin and drafted many first drafts of either lengthy correspondence or a first novel.

and when i came in to check on him the other night, i realized he had fallen asleep by way of a much too old read.

but you cannot smirk when you tell him. he takes his scholarly life very seriously ;)
another writing day closer to short story collection deadline. not enough progress to brag but enough to not feel panicked.

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